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Can America’s Dark History with Gun Violence be Stopped?

Reagan Sauve, Social Media Team

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On November 5th of 2017 in Sutherland Springs, the worst mass shooting in Texas history occurred only a little over a month after the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Shooter David Patrick Kelly entered First Baptist Church carrying more than 400 rounds of ammunition leaving 26 people dead and 20 wounded inside and outside out of the church. The victims consisted of 10 women, 7 men, and 8 children, with the youngest victim being only 1 and the oldest of adults was 77.  Many across social media said, “Why do these shootings keep happening?” Once again, the United States faces another devastating mass shooting; but have we become numb to the violence our country has seen?


As a country, why have we not started legislating for stricter gun control? Political ideologies have played an ongoing divise role in the issue of gun control. Specifically, Republicans vs Democrats. Most Republicans believe in the rights of individuals to rule and make decisions for themselves and their families. They are typically against government controlling guns and argue that by not having stricter gun control, good men can fight off bad men with guns with their own guns. For example, Mountain View school district in Lewiston, Idaho has issued a new school policy of training teachers to carry concealed weapons. Democrats tend to believe the government should be ruled and protected by a selected group of people. They believe gun control in America needs to have stronger regulations as many past mass shooters in US  history, were discovered to be struggling with mental health issues. According to, there have been 273 shootings in 2017 alone.  While there is an increase in gun ownership in the United States, there is still a stigma surrounding those who seek mental health services. Though guns have become an American symbol of freedom, how can we prevent these mass shootings from reoccurring?


Around 30,000 people a year in the US die from mass shootings. The United States can help prevent mass shootings by establishing a culture of gun safety. All gun owners should be required to take a mandatory training course and be licensed. Not only that, but required renewal of permits and training to check if someone is mentally and physically capable of wielding a gun.


Gun violence is a much bigger problem in the United States in recent years and it needs to be recognized as a public health problem,  as gun violence is the number one cause of premature death in our country, according to the American Public Health Association. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), should receive more funds from the US government because the organization would be able to assess and develop strategies to prevent gun violence, for example, better treatments for mental illness. However, the CDC is currently restricted from making recommendations on how to prevent gun violence. If these restrictions were lifted, this nation would be able to know and prevent why gun violence keeps recurring.  Is it possible gun violence can be prevented at a young age?


As our country mourns tragedy to tragedy, we must take action if we want to end the cycle of violence that occurs in this country. We must start by changing our public policies and establishing a culture of gun safety. Call members of Congress, members of the local government, the President, anyone with the power to make change happen! Shouldn’t this nation be able to attend fun events, such as a music festival in Las Vegas, or a nightclub in Orlando without worrying about getting fatally shoot?

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Can America’s Dark History with Gun Violence be Stopped?