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Painting Your Mark

Katie Knife, Staff Journalist

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Here at South Oldham High School (SOHS), the teachers and administration strive to inspire  students to express themselves freely through their talents such as music and art. One very unique aspect of SOHS that inspires young artists is the numerous student paintings throughout the school. Some of these paintings include The Scream by Edvard Munch and The School Of Athens by Raphael. These reproductions of famous paintings,  made by students, help to display SOHS students’ vast talent.


Jacqueline Bryan, is most commonly known for her role as an Art teacher here at SOHS. However, in the upcoming 2017-2018 school year, she will be taking on a new role as teacher sponsor for the National Art Honors Society (NAHS) here at SOHS.


Bryan is very excited for this new role and has hopes to improve the club so more people have access to it. In previous years students were not  allowed to be a part of NAHS unless they had a full year of general art.


When asked how she wants to improve the club Bryan replied with,


“I hope I change it a little bit to get more involvement, maybe getting more involvement from ninth grade students after they have completed one semester of art.” Bryan said.


Bryan is also trying to give students in the club a greater outlet to show their art.


“I will help them either get in Gallery or continue on a mural project. I’ve already talked to gallery 104 so we’re going to be able to do a sidewalk square during the street walk” Bryan said.


She hopes this exposure will help the students with their art and obtaining club hours.


Bryan walked  through the process of becoming eligible to recreate a mural here at SOHS. To be selected, one must submit an application to Bryan and Melissa Woosley, principal at SOHS. This must include the a picture of the spot in the school for the new mural, a proposal of what famous painting that corresponds to the hall, its significance and finally who you would like to complete it with if you are not alone.


Last year, two sophomore members in NAHS, Chloe Arvin(11) and Anna Gressick(11) painted The Lute Player in the music hallway . The Lute Player is a composition by the Italian Baroque master Caravaggio. when asked why she and Arvin choose to recreate The Lute Player Gressick replied with,


“The music hallway is dedicated to the Baroque time period, so we went with the theme of the hallway,” Gressick said. Baroque was just one of the options Arvin and Gressick could have chosen. In fact, almost all of the halls have a theme. For example, the Social Studies hall is the antiques hall, English is Medieval, and so on.


The process of painting the mural was  quite extensive;


“We sketched out a grid and then we printed out the painting. Then we made the same grid, so there was actually some math involved to make sure that the grid would fit in the wall,” Arvin said.


Giving students the opportunity to leave a major piece of work in their high schools is a great privilege. “It was a lot of work. But in the end we enjoyed it.” Arvin said when asked about their  experience.


When asked about how it makes them feel to have their piece displayed at SOHS Gressick answered with, “It makes us feel like we left our own mark on the school,”


Here at SOHS students pride themselves on their school’s initiative to gain knowledge and refine their skills.  Because of this initiative students can say they have the opportunity to improve their talents like painting. SOHS dedicates this opportunity to students in hopes of them going on to feel accomplished and confident in their artwork.


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