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Last Curtain Call

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Last Curtain Call

Reagan Sauve, Staff Journalist

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High-schoolers are given countless opportunities to perform in their high school or community productions, but after they graduate, they face a dilemma: to pursue their passions or to give up acting for another profession. Many students quit acting after high school in fear of not making a successful career. This year, South Oldham High School (SOHS) thespians had the opportunity to exhibit their talents not only to their classmates and family members, but to acting scouts from several universities who could possibly aid in the prolonging of their theatrical careers.

“I want our theater students to have the opportunity to have colleges view their talents. I have seen sports teams have scouts come to watch students to recruit them. I want theater students to have the opportunity to learn about college theater programs and discuss involvement in future theater prospects,” English teacher and head of the drama department Shannon  Miller said.

Scouts from Bellarmine, Campbellsville, and IU Southeast were confirmed to be looking for students at the  spring musical, High  School Musical: On Stage.

“The scouts are simply coming to watch our students perform and [are] here to offer answers to questions about their programs and scholarships,” Miller said.

One of South’s own, senior Morgan LeBeau, plans to pursue her dream by majoring in theater.

“I’ve been acting since I was a kid. It’s my passion. I just love making an audience laugh feel a range of emotions,” LeBeau said.

Students who want to enroll as a theater major in college will have the chance to produce, direct, and star in musicals, plays, recitals, and even appear in films. Students will also learn about the skills they need to improve their acting and learn about the history of acting. Those who graduate can go on to pursue a wide variety of careers in directing, acting, as well as sound and production design.

Lebeau received a theater scholarship from Asbury University when she auditioned there. She was recognized for her talent and saw she could continue her interest in acting professionally.

For those who are still unsure if they can make a career out of acting, LeBeau offers some advice:

“If acting is your passion, go for it. No one wants to be stuck in a career they will hate for the rest of their life. If you feel your calling is acting, just go for it because you want to have a career you will like for the rest of your life. Make the jump and don’t look back.”

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Last Curtain Call