The Dragon's Tale

A Farewell: Letter from the Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Chelsea Morgan, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

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In newspaper, we are always handling deadlines. Whether that means beating them, meeting them, or missing them, there is always something that needs to be done at a certain time. Sometimes this means that there is only a tiny window when your work is relevant, and other times you are granted a little wiggle room and the urgency subsides. But you are never supposed to rush through them, or God forbid, forget them. The best work, as everyone will learn, comes from taking your time while also being timely.

I’ve found that deadlines aren’t only something I’ve had to deal with in journalism, but with almost every aspect in my life. For the past four years, deadlines have defined what I do and when I do it. There are homework assignments and project due dates, application and paperwork deadlines, newspaper press dates, curfews and school bells–there are even expiration dates on relationships and friendships.

As an incoming freshman, someone said to me, “You won’t leave high school with the same friends you walked in with.” My ever-optimistic and tragically foolish fourteen-year-old self brushed this powerful truth off to the side. I even remember wondering how that could possibly happen. Things couldn’t change that much, could they?

What pre-journalism Chelsea didn’t realize is that there is an allotted time for nearly everything in your life. You only get certain windows of time to get things done and to do things right. Nearly every opportunity you have now isn’t going to show back up again in the future. Nothing is permanent and life is forever changing.

It’s important to realize which deadlines are the ones you want to meet. Don’t waste time on things you don’t truly care about or people you know don’t truly care about you.
It’s most important to know your own priorities, and if high school teaches you any life lessons, it is just that. You can put your best effort towards anything: homework, projects, resumes, or friendships, but sometimes it’s just not enough to meet those deadlines. Try your best in everything you do, especially the things you care about. By staying true to what you personally want and working towards those desires, everything will seem to fall into place–and trust me, you won’t miss the deadline.


I would like to thank our adviser, Whitney Cox, for allowing McKenna and I to pursue our dreams and achieve our goals for this school newspaper before our final deadline: graduation. Without her creative ingenious, contagious laughter, incredible advice, and undeniable great taste in everything, we could not have turned this paper into what it is today. Thank you, Mrs. Cox, for not only being an amazing teacher, but for being a great friend.

I would also like to thank our newspaper staff. In my completely biased opinion, I believe that this group of people is just about the most talented bunch in the whole school. Working with the chaos of redesigning an entire newspaper and launching a journalism website, they couldn’t have done a better job giving McKenna, Mrs. Cox and I exactly what we want while also staying true to their personal style. I will terribly miss all of you and our newspaper family.

I would especially like to thank my talented colleague and best friend, McKenna Mitchell. We have grown together over the past several years, and I am incredibly proud of the kind, compassionate, and intelligent woman she is today. Thank you, McKenna, for sticking by me no matter what. For being one the greatest friends I’ve ever had. For all the laughs, the tears, the endless storytelling and unofficial therapy sessions. For all of the encouragements and advice. Without you, I would still only be obsessively writing in journals instead of presenting what I have to say to the world too. I love you, McKenna, and I couldn’t possibly imagine a deadline on our unconditional friendship.

And finally, thank you, Dragon’s Tale readers. Without your undying support, our paper could not exist. We owe you more than our words can express.

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A Farewell: Letter from the Assistant Editor-in-Chief