The Dragon's Tale

A Farewell: Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

McKenna Mitchell, Editor-In-Chief

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I’m the kind of Editor who notices when the smallest fine details are off. My staff this year has noticed my annoying habit, but to me I find it to be a gift.

My gift of noticing the unnoticeable stems from my absolute, love struck, head-over-heels love for journalism. Nothing grounds me more, nothing soothes my soul more. It has been my armor against all doubts, and it has been my haven for the past three years in all of the battles I have had to fight against the world and myself.

There have been some battles I’ve won, and some I’ve lost. But at least for me, I won my war. Now, I’m graduating as Editor-in-Chief my senior year, with two editorial internships at (real) magazines already under my belt, and am forging my way to Western Kentucky University to study journalism.

But even with all the good I’m working towards, I’d be lying if I said the past four years were a breeze.

There were times where the world felt way too heavy. High school has a way of making you feel that way; trapped. But I am here to tell you: you are not trapped, and you are not alone.

You have to remember that while the whole world will seem to turn against you, the wheels are only turning. Eventually, you will look back at all your struggles and heartache and see it for what it was. The whole world isn’t against you; it’s shaping you into your true form.

Remember that this world is yours. Make it what you want.


Thank you to my best friend and fellow Editor, Chelsea Morgan, who was my greatest companion, my most trusted therapist, and the best Assistant Editor-in-Chief I could have asked for. She kept me grounded on stressful days. She let me bounce crazy ideas off of her. Most of all, she was there for me every second of every day, even if it had nothing to do with newspaper. She is the best person I have ever known, and I am so grateful to have found a best friend that I know will love me and be there for me no matter what, no doubt. Without her, I don’t know if I would be the woman I am today.

For the past two years, Whitney Cox has been my adviser and teacher for the Dragon’s Tale, and I want to thank her for everything she has done. Not only has she kept everyone on their feet, but she taught me how to stand up for myself and for others, and to make anything I imagine possible. She is such a quality person, who impacts everyone she meets. Thank you for blessing me with this opportunity to follow my dreams.

Thank you to my wonderful, determined staff that made this year the best. They worked like none I had ever seen before, and they put up with my edits and endless requests. I know that next year, I’m leaving the paper in excellent hands, and I know they are going to do amazing things in the years to come. Thank you for being a staff that I could depend on.

Finally, thank you to those who have read this paper. Thank you for acknowledging the time-consuming work and dedication put into making a paper like this. I hope that after graduating, I will be able to come back and find even more people who enjoy and love this paper as much as I do.

Thank you South.

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A Farewell: Letter from the Editor-in-Chief