The Dragon's Tale

A Selfless Spring Break

Lexi Bowlden, Staff Journalist

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Spring break is the time for students to relax and get away from the work that school entails. But some selfless souls dedicate their spring breaks to serving others.

Mission trips for South Oldham High School (SOHS) students are very common during  the summer, but spring break is when a number of students go to Florida or on exotic getaways, but sophomore Gracie Read is breaking the norm and heading out on a mission trip to Jamaica for spring break 2017.

Read’s trip is centered around sports, specifically soccer, as an outlet to encourage and spread the gospel.

“We are looking to equip local believers with the tools they need to leave a lasting impact on their area even after we leave.” Read said. “By doing this, our [Read’s teammates] mission to spread Christ will not stop but continue to grow after we leave.”  

With the goal to spread the gospel to the residents of Jamaica comes great responsibility, and it requires an extensive packing list.

Unlike other spring break excursions, Read’s packing list does not only include clothes, but strong testimony and faith. But of course, she cannot afford to leave her soccer ball behind. Read plays soccer for the SOHS girl’s soccer team and plans to utilize her soccer skills as well as her testimony while in Jamaica.

“During the trip we [Read’s soccer team] will be prayer walking, sharing our testimonies, working onsite at  church locations, and encouraging the leaders of church plants in Jamaica,” Read said.

A possible issue with teaching the people about the gospel is a significant language barrier–this is where the sports come in.

“I’m super excited to play soccer with the kids at different orphanages, even though they will probably be better than me.” Read said.  “We will be doing outreach to the villages through sports and relationship building.”

As excited as Read is to play soccer with a new group of people and develop her skills, the main purpose of her trip is to teach others and strengthen her faith and testimony.

“I’m most excited about meeting new people and telling others about Jesus and what He did for us when He came down to this Earth,” Read said.

Going on a mission trip is a selfless way to spend time, especially for spring break. It requires one to look outside of themselves and give to others. Read hopes that her trip will allow her expand her mind and realize all the things at home that she has to be grateful for, and it is an opportunity to  give to others.

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A Selfless Spring Break