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Lighting Up South Oldham

Becca Jackson, Staff Journalist

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On Tuesday, February 21, 2017, South Oldham High School (SOHS) upheld one of its most recent and hyped up traditions: the blacklight pep rally.

Going on five years, SOHS’s blacklight pep rally is a student against faculty event that promotes SOHS student involvement and  recognizes SOHS sports teams.

Instead of students against students or class against class, SOHS students come together as a whole against the faculty. Groups of students participate in activities such as lip sync battles.

“I think it’s really cool to see teachers not actually acting like teachers. They come out of their comfort zone during the pep rally,” senior Grayson Langford said.

Donated blacklights are lined up along the SOHS basketball court, the gym lights are shut off,  and the blacklights’ glowing effect is activated.

Following a lip sync battle between students and faculty, a group of 19 SOHS Link Crew boys known as the Dancing Divas danced a choreographed routine to a mix of popular hits.

The SOHS Link Crew is an organization dedicated to aiding students in the transition between middle school and high school, and they aim to “link” the underclassmen with the upperclassmen. It has become tradition for some of the male Link Crew members to come together and practice a routine choreographed by some of the Link Crew girls.

The 2017 Dancing Diva’s routine was choreographed by senior Cailyn Fuller, senior Madison Wolff, and junior Savannah Nezbeth.

“We practiced the dances every Sunday for about two hours and that lasted about a month. It was a lot of fun getting to know people you usually don’t talk to and we got to establish good relationships with all of the guys,” junior Charles Churchill said.

Despite the competition, the blacklight pep rally also forms good relationships. Faculty and students alike let loose and have fun together, glowing in the dark. Stay tuned South Oldham; the blacklight pep rally is a tradition to look forward to.

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